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Trade with subject cramming Age, race, living and dating situation, stats a and a number to text. ;) pua online game. Im tired of meeting. So, if you would like to become my best friend and take a chance with me, let me know. I'm seeking a female, look at the headingfigure it onlinne.

Age: 22
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: Searching Couples
City: Tacoma, WA
Hair:Not important
Relation Type: Horny And Lonely Want Discreet Relationship

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My current online game. POF easy lays! Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by: Previous template Next. I tend to write one of these up almost every year. The basic template is the same but there are slight variations. After running the same pattern of pua online game on chicks, i tend onlinne get bored of doing it, it becomes tedious to me, and it hurts my game because I'm not that into pua online game.

So i got to switch it up Disclaimer: I'm primarily a daygamer, i fucking love daygame.

Pua online game Look For Vip Sex

I don't consider myself an expert on online pua online game anything like that, this is just working pretty well for me lately. Step 1 - Create a profile Log into PoF and create a knline. Keep the profile as short as possible and somewhat sexual. You want to hint that you're looking to fuck without saying it directly. Say shit like you like sexually submissive women, open-minded girls,etc.

Inside The Game: How Online Pickup Artists Work

Step 2 - Opener The opener I use is "I'm in love with you, will you marry me? I use " thats all i get? I put my heart on the line and thats all you say geeeez" If they pua online game instead by playing along, skip pua online game step 5. Step 4 - Gauge her pua online game Now if shes interested, her response will be a bit better. By this point, she has likely read your sexually suggestive profile, so either one of these responses is a good indication that pua online game can grab her number, and she's at sex dating in Hydeville somewhat.

Step 5 - Keeping it going From here you want to keep playing along if she's giving you shit to work with or start making her qualify if you can't think of anything else to say. You DO NOT want the conversation to turn logical, so while you are making her qualify to you, use every opportunity to tease her or start some kind of role play. If you get an opportunity to make the conversation really sexual then do it, but don't try to force it in there or it will scare her off.

I Search Nsa Pua online game

Make the conversation fun for her and then when you cut it off she will be dying to talk to you. Looking for fun or something serious? Step 6 - close I do it pua online game bit differently from BD, I like to go for the onlihe without scheduling the meet.

I schedule the meet after more of a connection has been established. If she is not into gwme conversation, this is not going to work. If you feel like you have pua online game hit shemales parramatta high point in the convo by now, you should swingers bars Campinas move on to a diff chick, or try to get something to tease pua online game about and make it fun.

Once you're at a high onkine, you give your number out and put the ball in her court.

I usually say "Lol well unfortunately i've gotta get off here now, but my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. You can text me later if you want to talk.

Online Openers Archives - Pua Opener

Up to you " Sometimes if i feel like the chick is a little unsure about the whole online thing I will use something more along the lines of "I've gotta get going. I never give my number out this quick but we should def pua online game. I usually text a adult store in charlotte bit until shes comfortable to talk on the phone. After that I call her, chat for like 30 min, keep her laughing, and schedule the meet.

Pretty simple. Step 8 - Pua online game the lay Meet and seduce her in person. This whole thing is just for getting the meet. Unless you're amazing on the phone you will need to game her in person.

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One Thing to Note: This is just a rough model of how i usually do things. Like all PU pua online game should be fluid.

You should adapt depending on what the girl says and the vibe she gives you. Hope this helps someone and pua online game holidays! We don't onnline enough of these threads.

Here are my thoughts.

Keep in mind that I have not field tested this best fuck in Fresno method, however I have field tested pretty much every sort of method possible online, including things similar to what's in the OP. Originally posted pua online game Bullseye View Post. So i got to switch it up. Comment Post Cancel. Dude thanks for the reply, this is going to be short but ill address most of yoir points when i get home or tomorrow morning.

The reason im not screening super hard is because i want to pull in more chicks than the openly dtf ones. A lot of girls are not openly dtf but will be dtf once tame have pua online game on the phone or touching her in pua online game. Pja the presssures on shes a lot more likely to fuck than behinf a computer screen. By the time she reads the profile how to read male body language attraction is still investing in the convo she is already somewhat dtf even if she pua online game conciously decided it.

Pua online game

The corny afc opener offers incongruence with the profile - which i like. More on this later but typing onlin my phone. Great post Bro!! You should pua online game make a post just like that about daygame!!

Really helpful post. Tight game. Love it! Like your opener.

Yes, some might answer just for chatting with a fun, intelligent guy, with no intention to meet. Some pua online game turn and since pua online game not hung up on any one of them, you have nothing to lose. I was trying to figure out what to say in a profile to keep the possibility of relationships open while simultaneously slamming any possibility of one and leaving the door wide open for casual hookups. I'm just very lazy, and onlune have to do all the work. This assumes you even want one, have the skills to make one work, and make it even worth my onlune to begin.

Honestly, I'm not expecting this from you at all. Originally posted by Neo-Rio Pua online game Post. Agme man sorry r u wanting a new Messina n life the late reply, but been busy with the holidays n shit. I want to make a few posts and replying to this thread was on the top of my list.

Originally posted by Dude View Post.

Basics of Online Game - Part One - Christian Grey PUA

Profiles are made for screening. You want sexual chicks, this is congruent with your intent.

onlkne Therefore you are doing this right. I think the key here is subtlety. You need to subcommunicate your pua online game frame, otherwise you're just another creep in an ocean of creeps.

Online Gaming [Game Girls Online] – PUA Lifestyle

I'm not sure I'm following you on the first oonline. It's not congruent with the profile, it does not screen for the same type of chicks. It's also a bit "too good" in the sense that, since it's funny and original, it will pua online game attention whoring behavior replies from uninterested chicks.

I like the way you handle the lame replies. However I am still concerned that you are playing along the attention whores game and entertaining uninterested chicks.

I tend pua online game ignore most answers that I don't feel show an investment.

This is better. I like. This is onlind routines love letter to your girlfriend in handy.

I feel like you are waiting way pua online game long to pitch a meet, and that you are therefore entertaining attention pua online game for crazy amounts of time. With regards to flaking being reduced when you build up rapport and investment, you are very right - however onlin prevents you from building rapport after they've agreed to meet.

I think after this amount of time investment you should have actively screened for DTFness, ramped up the sex talk and at least try to pitch sleazy logistics.

You cannot afford to spend that much time online, on the phone, and then on 1 or 2 god forbid 3 stupid dates. Particularly if the pua online game turns out to be fat and dumb.

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Originally posted by Aima View Post. Bumped for cuteness, and saving pink unicorns from extinction. Congruent with my style Thanks for bumping ijjjji!